Natech MyFleet

Natech MyFleet

Web-based fleet management software, uninterrupted fleet tracking and management system. It is addressed to any business having one or more vehicles, regardless of activity. 


Vehicles are a mission-critical part of everyday business activities. Better visibility leads to better decisions.

My Fleet is a useful tool to supervise your vehicles by real-time monitoring through the GPS technology, enhance fleet performance and communicate with all the members in the fleet every time of the day, at any place.

Natech MyFleet
Natech MyFleet

Characteristics & Features

  • Real time vehicle tracking– Watch your vehicles on digital maps in real time and get actual information about speed, direction of movement, engine status and idle time.
  • Route history– MyFleet stores vehicle routes and provides you with complete analysis, including reports about stops and visits to customers.
  • Fuel consumption control– You can have full control on the fuel consumption of your vehicles, so that your fleet runs as efficiently as possible.
  • Sensor Connection– MyFleet reads data from multiple sensors (temperature, door, driver’s identification) and presents them as reports or graphs so that you have all the critical information you need such as the temperature of the products when delivered, the time that the doors of the truck opened etc.
  • Statistics– View detailed statistics about travelled distances, fuel consumption, top speeds within any period of time. See which of your customers are visited frequently and which are not.
  • Automatic Alerts– Get automatic alerts by SMS or E-mail in case one of your vehicles has exceeded the speed limit, has moved outside a predefined area or is idle for a long time. You are also notified before any service, oil or tire change is due.
  • Route Optimization– You can select which customers each vehicle will visit and the system automatically calculates the visitation order and the appropriate routes in order to eliminate unnecessary movements and overtime.
  • Multilingual Features– The system is based on a multilingual XML-based platform, which makes adding new languages easy.
  • Scalability– In case your business has special requirements the system can be customised accordingly.


  • Improve fleet efficiency and use of resources
  • Reduce risk and ensure compliance
  • Manage expenses
  • Reduce fuel costs Eliminate unproductive labor consumption
Natech MyFleet
Natech MyFleet

Why choose Natech MyFleet

Natech.MyFleet is a functional and flexible solution based on modern technology.

It features a handy, simple and user-friendly process environment, is customized and extended according to the needs of your business.

It is a solution that provides a guaranteed return on your money.





Useful files & downloads

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