Natech CRM

Natech CRM

Natech.CRM is a fully integrated customer relationship management application that can equip your business with the insights they need to provide a 360-degree customer service.


Natech.CRM has been developed using the Natech D.R.P technology and can be fully interfaced with the ERP και Core Banking System or even Microsoft Outlook to create a single working environment and thus to give a reliable picture of the whole business.

Natech CRM
Natech CRM

Characteristics & Features

Natech’s CRM standard edition consists of features and functions that support the following business areas:

  • Business Communication Management– improve contact center and communication-dependent processes. Whether customers contact your company by phone, e-mail, chat, text message, or fax, there is no lost information to worry about.
  • Marketing– plan and perform all marketing activities such as corporate campaigns through all customer interactions points to communicate your strengths.
  • Sales– organize all active cases. Monitor products’ performance across different sectors and customers.
  • Service– monitor and organize the business services across all departments.
  • Business Organisation Management– lead your business, set its policies and strategies, organise human resources’ roles and tasks to achieve the desirable outcomes.
  • Individual Organisation– manage your everyday work, use your calendar to set your time framework and design your action plan to accomplish your mission.
  • Workflow Management– facilitate the accomplishment of your business objectives by using Natech’s CRM to coordinate the projects’ execution and to plan, supervise and control the intergroup work to achieve better results.
  • Business Reporting– share business information by giving the right information to the right people at the right time and provide powerful reporting functionality that can be applied to any combination of data sources.


Both small and medium organisations of all industry sectors can benefit from Natech’s CRM solution in order to:

  • Retain existing valued customers and attract new ones
  • Make better and faster decisions based on trustworthy data
  • Organise workflows to achieve maximum customer satisfaction
  • Activate the right communication channels between customers and organisation
  • Reduce systems costs and boost performance
Natech CRM
Natech CRM

Why choose Natech CRM

In a competitive environment where companies seek to retain their best customers and maximize the effectiveness of every customer interaction, Natech.CRM helps you to achieve the innovation advantage.

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