Natech Hermes

Natech Hermes

Integrated application for managing and monitoring packages & mail, able to meet the increased needs of transport companies in Greece and abroad.


It provides a wide range of services and parameterization abilities and can cover the increasing needs of transport companies in Greece and abroad.

Being parametrically implemented on a customer-focused basis and having a flexible graphic environment, Hermes is an integrated solution that links up with many devices and systems carrying an interface environment.

Natech Hermes
Natech Hermes

Characteristics & Features

The basic edition of Hermes includes the following services:

  • Multiple transport stations
  • Supermarket-type organization
  • Multiple currencies
  • Supporting of multiple languages pro user/customer
  • Customer-focused organization of senders/receivers
  • Multiple storages
  • Control Units (dynamic and multiply defined)
  • Prints/Projections
  • Routes and fleet
  • 1d & 2d barcode
  • Parcel traceability

Additional functions:

  • Portable management via PDA
  • Interface to external applications through the special electronic transaction center.
  • Web parcels' registration system (Web agent interface)
  • Subsystem concerning the electronic touristic exploitation of tickets-buses.


  • Customized according to the enterprises needs
  • Flexible and friendly user interface
  • Interconnection with external applications
  • Unlimited expandability
  • Quick implementation
  • Reliable performance
Natech Hermes
Natech Hermes

Why choose Natech Hermes

Natech.Hermes is technologically advanced, being an integrated business solution that is going to help the organization and the control of the procedures, providing full functionality.

Useful files & downloads

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