Banking Anywhere

Banking Anywhere

Sms & e-mail banking

Service that allows customers to keep track of their accounts by receiving text alerts to their mobile phones alongside with email notifications.



Sending notifications via: 

  • SMS
  • Email



Notifications for the following transaction channels:

  • Banking tellers
  • Standing orders
  • ATM and Cards
  • Internet



Banking Anywhere
Banking Anywhere

Characteristics & Features

Notifications for real-time account transactions

  • Withdrawal from account
  • Deposit  to account
  • Closing balance when the account balance is below or above the predetermined threshold 

Notifications for scheduled update

  • Insufficient account balance to cover the cheque payment
  • Due date of loan installment approaches
  • Balance/mini statement

Notifications by command (customer to bank)

  • Request to issue a chequebook
  • Cancel a cheque
  • Cheque status control


Banks maintain continuous contact with their customers Customers take control of their finances by:

  • Taking control of their finances
  • Be informed about any unusual or unexplained activity on their account
Banking Anywhere
Banking Anywhere

Why choose Banking Anywhere

Banking @nywhere is the fastest banking channel converting a commodity service into a strong banking tool.

Creates safer conditions of managing bank accounts, by providing accurate information to the client for every action taken, either by himself or by joint holders, in many diverse trading channels.

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