Natech Dias Suite

Natech Dias Suite


Autonomous SEPA payment system adhering to DIAS S.A. enhanced SEPA requirements.


It supports SEPA & SEPA modified payments (FOC, Direct Debit Payments, EBA & Equens, Target2 etc) as well as the general SEPA subset.

Natech.Dias Suite:

  • Follows the SEPA and ISO 20022 specifications
  • Procedures are developed  according to  ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Is harmonized with the international standards
Natech Dias Suite
Natech Dias Suite

Characteristics & Features

Natech.Dias Suite implements:

Natech.Direct Debit

Serves  interbank direct services (bill payments and other financial obligations).

Natech.Credit Transfer

Supports the transactions and settlements of funds transfer among the participating banks, at national and European level.



  • Server System and Database autonomy
  • Built in front-end system for back office & direct payments.
  • Built in reporting system
  • Connection to any Core Banking System
  • SEPA and Greek transactions (Greek Payment Systems) services
  • EBA and EQuens services
  • Full range of DIAS capabilities
  • DIAS setting files and DIAS timetables support
  • Job scheduling to cater DIAS cut- offs and settings files
  • Money Transfers functionality services
Natech Dias Suite
Natech Dias Suite

Why choose Natech Dias Suite

Having being implemented in over 10 institutions in Greece, Natech DIAS Suite can be easily adopted, and minimizes the time to market to approximately 1 month after its installation.


Institutions using Natech Dias Suite:

  • 8 Cooperative Banks
  • Loan & Consignment Fund
  • 2 EU Payment Institutions
  • 1 Privately held bank

Useful files & downloads

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