Natech Q

Banking Solution serving the secure and transparent implementation of the  G.S.I.S. processes.


Natech_Q is the dominant Greek product that implements the system of electronic confiscating and accounting records of G.S.I.S. (General Secretariat of Information Systems) for financial institutions. 

It materializes the requests of the Greek G.S.I.S. and offers Financial Institutions the feasibility of the required procedures and their conformity to changing regulatory requirements.

These implementations are mandatory from the Bank of Greece, the Greek Ministry of Finance and the Internal Revenue Service for all financial institutions operating in Greece.

Natech Q
Natech Q

Characteristics & Features

Based on the Natech D.R.P. platform Operates harmonically with Natech’s systems.

Operates in heterogeneous computer systems.

Incorporates features such as:

  • Reporting System
  • Document Management System
  • Connection System with Active Directory


  • Safe and transparent implementation of the  G.S.I.S. process.
  • Fully automated application.
  • Direct implementation of the services integrated by the G.S.I.S
  • Development based on regulatory requirements.
  • Installation flexibility.
  • Minimal IT support and monitoring.
  • Traceability of the background processes.
  • Continuous flow process in case of fault occurrence.
Natech Q

Why choose Natech Q

Natech Q, has unlimited expandability abilities in order to cover the needs of regulatory conformity of credit institutions.

Natech Q is the basis  for all the future services that may be incorporated by the G.S.I.S. (through Tiresias S.A. -  Bank Information Systems S.A.)

Natech_Q is the first system to operate accross disparate computer systems since it is already trusted by 10 banks operating in Greece. Specifically, Natech_Q is already installed and runs on:

  • Cooperative Bank of Evros
  • Cooperative Bank of Serres
  • Cooperative Bank of Western Macedonia
  • Cooperative Bank of Pieria
  • Cooperative Bank of Epirus
  • Cooperative Bank of Karditsa
  • Cooperative Bank of Evia
  • Cooperative Bank of Peloponnese
  • Cooperative Bank of Thessaly
  • Russian KEDR Bank for its branches in Greece

Greek LCF being the newest addition to the above list.

Useful files & downloads

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