CSB Web Banking

CSB Web Banking

Online Banking solution which provides banks with a cost effective banking platform for 24/7 web banking services.


Natech’s CSB Web Banking offers banks a set of  convenient, safe, and easy to use banking on-line services. 

  • Follows Tam 3 Model
  • Web Based Banking Solution
  • Multi platform implementation
  • Cost effective
  • Simple in operation
CSB Web Banking
CSB Web Banking

Characteristics & Features

Money Transfers

Transfer money between several accounts.

Bill Payments

Make a one-off payment or manage regular payments.

Send Money

Send money to others.

International Payments

Make payments to accounts in countries abroad.

Account Management

  • View, set up, amend and cancel standing orders.
  • View balances.
  • View and print statement.
  • Find transactions and historic payments.
  • Manage account details.

SMS & E-mail Alerts

Receive text and email alerts to stay on top of your finances.



  • Multi factor authentication
  • Strong Encryption mechanisms
  • Predefined inactivity time limit
  • Visual Verification of all transactions
  • Real time transactions
  • SMS alerting
  • SMS / OTP verification with transaction information data
  • Multi level authentication
  • Bullet proof verification mechanisms
  • Monthly security audits
  • Frequent security redesign

















  • Simple layouts
  • Clear crispy colours
  • Info and assistive balloons
  • Explanation videos on demand
  • Hassle free navigation
  • Flat navigation (No drill down menus)
  • Clear buttons
  • Export to all major format (PDF, XLS, DOC, Image, CSV etc)
  • Search for available options
  • Unified configuration on the back End
  • Customization per client
  • Centralization / decentralization of operations
  • On the fly updates
  • Ability to set custom UI themes, colours, logos and ads on demand





CSB Web Banking
CSB Web Banking

Why choose CSB Web Banking


  • Mas user adoption
  • Risk mitigation
  • Cost effectiveness 
  • Simple operation
  • Increased Perceived usefulness
  • Increased Perceived ease-of-use
  • Layout Convenience
  • Clear Design
  • Focused Content
  • Fast service and real time data
  • Increased Privacy

Useful files & downloads

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