Bill payment system for walk-in payment centers and external retail agents



Natech.PAY offers interoperable and accessible bill payment services to customers through a network of agents. Allows multiple payment models, and provides instant confirmation of payment. Natech.PAY can be implemented in multiple payment points - retail stores as an efficient, cost effective system which enhances customer experience and increases clientele.


Agents offer payment services in collaboration with the Bank through Natech’s on-line platform  via  pc/ mobile phone/ tablet etc.

Through this collaboration channel, agents  provide bill payments services for:

  • Public services bills ‹ 
  • Electricity
  • Gas ‹ 
  • Cell phone ‹ 
  • Water ‹ 
  • Insurance and more customized bill payment  services can be provided in line with the  collaborating Bank’s services.





Characteristics & Features

  • ‹ Real time operation
  • ‹ Agility
  • ‹ Functionality
  •  Simple layouts
  • ‹ Flat navigation
  • ‹ Security


‹ For the Bank:

  • Variety of services enrichment
  • ‹Clientele increase
  • ‹Commission collection per transaction






For the Agent:

  • ‹Serves customers reliably
  • enables payments  acceptance made by the under-banked and customers preferring walk-in payments
  • ‹Increase  customer traffic/clientele
  • ‹Gain real-time payment insight / Reports on same-day payments, as well as accesses real-time, on-demand reporting, tracking and management

Why choose Natech.PAY

Natech has the requisite know-how and software experience in order to offer a system which encloses unlimited expandability abilities in order to cover the needs of every banking institution and retail agent.


Useful files & downloads

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Watch Natech.PAY in action: