Natech.ATM Module

Natech.ATM Module

ISO 8583 Base 24 ATM Host Module


Natech.ATM Module is designed to help financial Institutions get the most from their ATM network and built a better self service network.

Αllows banks to adopt a best-of-breed strategy, reduce costs, increase functionality and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Natech.ATM Module
Natech.ATM Module

Characteristics & Features




Technical Integrity


  • Connectivity to external web services
  • Scalable to local and international requirements/regulation
  • Expandability abilities
  • Ability to build on system
  • Full scale traceability
  • Internal monitoring
  • Lightning speed processing module
  • Rich mix of transactions
  • Reduce overall cost
  • Reduces cost through improved speed to market
  • Increase availability/ reliability
  • Service Base 24 ATM Host Module
  • Agile configuration of ATM message services
  • Monitored by UI
  • Custom UI reporting engine
  • Poison messages capability
  • Internal debugging and decoding of messages
Natech.ATM Module
Natech.ATM Module

Why choose Natech.ATM Module

Natech. ATM enables banks to develop an ATM channel that is best suited to the needs of the bank and its customers, allowing them to compete more effectively and deliver significant competitive advantages in terms of faster and less costly functionality enhancements, application upgrades, security compliance additions and a better ATM customer experience.


Useful files & downloads

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