Mission & Strategy

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers manage their business effectively by delivering to them software solutions that serve their customized needs. We work for our clients to provide them with truly innovative and pioneering products to ensure that they respond and adapt to a fast-moving marketplace.

Our Strategy

Natech’s strategy can be described by the moto: “Natech delivers value and ensures success on the clients' projects ”.

Our policy for developing and deploying IT products adheres to strict quality international standards. Quality follows industry’s best practices.

In the near future, Natech intends to strengthen its position within the banking industry by expanding its operations in five more cooperative banks. Natech will be the preferred and sole supplier of packaged banking software for the cooperative banking in Greece.

To serve the interests of our banking clients, facilitate their customer service and create a new framework for customer retention, Natech will soon launch its new Core Banking release, Natech.CSB2, which has been developed by taking into consideration some key challenges for banks such as customer loyalty, exceptional customer service and enhanced profitability.

In the long-run, Natech will concentrate on moving towards an expansion to new markets such as the Eastern Europe, the UAE market, with the view to reinforce Natech’s financial position. 

Regarding the business sector, our strategic priority is to streamline our business portfolio by developing new partnerships with leading companies.

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