Our People

It is our employees who define Natech and give us our competitive advantage. Natech seeks out the most talented individuals to help generate value and foster innovation for the benefit of its customers. Our employees work in an environment that promotes the collaboration spirit and encourages the free expression of innovative ideas.

 During 2017-2018 Natech increased team's members by 50%!

Our people are highly qualified and are amongst the best in the industry driven by the passion and enthusiasm to produce high standard outcomes.

The company offers an exemplary working environment by considering training and continuous personal improvement as top priorities.

Our employees' commitment and ongoing pioneering contribution make our company what it is today – a successful and trusted provider of business software.

The vast majority of Natech's employees live and work at Ioannina enjoying quality of life. Quality of life includes not only wealth and employment but also aspects like environment, physical and mental health, education, recreation and leisure time, cost of life...


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