Natech solutions key features and characteristics

Have been recognized by our clients, both new and long established, as well as by world-renowned institutions such as the University of Manchester, Forrester.

  • Designed & built from scratch by Natech, no Black box offerings
  • Customizable - You don't inherit an off-the-shelf system
  • LIVE SYSTEM 24/7 operation - No need for end-of-day closing & new day opening, no off-line balances
  • Highly resilient & secure - Capacity: thousands of transactions/minute
  •  PSD2 ready
  •  ECB Regulated and AML compliant
  •  Multilingual and multicurrency
  •  User-friendly and modern interface
  •  Future proof - Low total cost of ownership
  •  Support digital banks


The unique characteristics of Natech’s solutions are the heart of our successful projects.

Natech solutions key features and characteristics


We are constantly planning for the future of our company and that of our clients. Our systems are constantly evolving, with enhanced functionality, flexibility and unique characteristics such as live operations, modern interfaces and continuous harmonization with regulatory requirements.

Athanasios Navrozoglou CEO at Natech