Natech in ''Marketing Week'' for the Omnibanking Banking Platform

Natech and its first Omnibanking banking platform in Greece, was presented in the 1512 Marketing Week issue.


Natech in ''Marketing Week'' for the Omnibanking Banking Platform

Article (Translated):

The first integrated banking platform in Greece ''Omnibanking'' wins the innovation award!

Natech introduces the integrated banking platform and wins the first award for its innovation, the ''Papastratos Start-Up / Scale-Up Greece Awards 2017 in the "Integrated Innovation" category.

The Omnibanking platform is the banking system that supports all banking operations in the physical and digital branch of a bank. Omnibanking covers almost every banking transactions of branch, electronic and virtual banking.

What is the innovation that has earned the high scorers? The integrated innovation of Omnibanking is based on the fact that its component parts work either uniquely or autonomously, reducing the cost of acquisition by the banking institution from 70 to 90%, greatly increasing the functionality and the quality of information.

Natech's Executive Director, Ath. Navrozoglou, said: "The most important asset of OmniBanking is the multiple benefits it generates, while it introduces a completely new pillar of operation for the banks through the triple-bank-client-agent collaboration. The bank reduces the cost and time of its network expansion, the customer is serviced 24/7 by interpersonal service and the agent acquires a new profitable service "

Typical is the recent example of extending the Greek branch of Moneygram to 65 new points of service within 3 months, adopting the "Branch banking" solution, having 97% less cost compared to competitive solutions.

Natech's solutions are based on customer-centric philosophy, based on the continuous and comprehensive support of its network of partners, both in Greece and abroad. It is one of the few companies in the world to cover all banking operations and requirements with their portfolio.