Cooperative Bank of Epirus covers PINDOS’ emerging need for massive vat payment within the dates given.

PRODUCT: Natech.CSBweb

WHEN:  2015 (end of the 3 months accounting period)

WHO: Cooperative Bank of Epirus collaborates successfully with Natech S.A and together manage to serve Pindos' needs.

THE SITUATION: Pindos Cooperative Enterprise, wanted to pay its 573 shareholers' vat massively.

THE NEED: The  Bank was offering individual vat payment, either via the e-banking webpage or in the physical branch. Pindos  wanted to commit massive payment.

THE OBSTACLE:  The payment due date was 2 days away, the task needed to be accomplished posthaste.

THE SOLUTION: Natech, managed to successfully upgrade its web solution to offer massive payment services.







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