Natech responds within 1 day to the Cooperative Bank’s of Epirus need for stock split implementation.


WHEN: Recapitalization period of  Greek Banks -  December 2015.

WHO: Cooperative Bank of Epirus collaborates successfully with Natech S.A.

THE SITUATION: Cooperative Bank of Epirus planned to run a  1-for-15  sock split,  to cover its capital requirements, enhance its liquidity and expand its investor base. 

THE NEED: In  December 31st, the Bank was obliged to send to the Bank of Greece a list of the number of its issued shares and shareholders after the recapitalization process.

THE OBSTACLE: Modify the price, in a way that  every shareholder could receive the divided stocks in the fair price and deal with the remainder shares after the split.

THE SOLUTION: Natech, promptly materialized  the subdivision process through Natech.CSB's customization.







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